Everson Revamps Museum Library

The Everson Museum held a used book sale the night of July 21 as part of its effort to reinvigorate the museum library.

Tables, bookshelves and floor space were covered with books in the museum’s Mather Court, which is adjacent to the museum’s library. The collection included museum exhibition archives, directories, and theory books, in addition to a wide range of other art-related books from the Everson’s library collection.

Development Officer Lauren Chyle, who was cashing out customers at the book sale, said the Everson is going to renovate the entire lower level, where the library is located. The library archives will be narrowed down the reflect the scope of the Everson’s American ceramics collection, which the Everson has been digitizing into the National Archives.

Chyle said the Everson was the first museum to have a permanent ceramics collection, and possibly has one of the most important ceramics collections in the world.

“These are things [the archives] that ceramicists and art historians really spend a lot of time looking at,” Chyle said. “And we need a good spot where people can come and do that kind of research.”

For people looking for a wider art history library collection, Chyle said Syracuse University is the best resource.

The previous community and public relations manager at the Everson, Renee Storiale, said this event is part of the museum’s ongoing plans to stay relevant in the art community and the Syracuse community.

Storiale left her position at the Everson last week and her successor, Nicole LeClair, could not immediately be reached for an interview.

A preview sale was held on July 16. Chyle said they sold about 1,600 books that day.

“On day one we had probably—at 9:30 [a.m.]—40 people lined up outside waiting to come in,” Chyle said. “We got a lot of bibliophile people that day, waiting. They were looking things up on their phones and people were buying bags and bags of books.”

Thursday night was also the evening of the Everson’s Film Under the Stars event and its Free Third Thursday Tour, which are also part of the Everson’s community outreach efforts.

The Everson will have a third book sale this year, but has not announced the date yet. Hardcover books are sold for $3, softcover for $2 and spineless books for $1 (plus tax). All proceeds benefit the Everson Museum.

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